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Look Up: The 32 Most Spectacular Ceilings in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Times)

As a child, I’d often visit the Griffith Observatory, where my parents took me and my sisters to marvel at the views of the city and see the stars at night through the famous public telescopes. But what I’ll never forget is what greeted me indoors, just through the main entrance, when I looked up...

Collage of ceiling images
The UCLA students of Gidra | Courtesy of Mike Murase

Connecting the Dots: Oxy Arts Exhibition Links Moments of Asian American Activism, Art and Collectives Throughout History (KCET Artbound)

The exhibition, "Voice a Wild Dream: Moments in Asian American Art and Activism, 1968–2022" dives deep into the art and activism of several Asian American publications and collectives from today and yesterday.

11 Ways to Summer in L.A. | kids enjoying being buried in the sand

11 Ways to Summer in L.A. (LA Parent)

When I started to write my guidebook, 52 Things to Do in Los Angeles, it was the summer of 2021, and I knew that my then 9-year-old daughter, Dominie, would be an integral part of the book. My life in L.A. has been shaped by many memorable family adventures, starting with outings with my lola (grandmother), parents and sisters when I was a kid. In my book, I wanted to capture experiences that brought so much joy four decades ago, adventures I still find delightful — even as a parent!

People on a float in a Los Angeles Christopher Street West (CSW) pride parade in 1980. | Image Credit: Courtesy of ONE Archives at the USC Libraries

Delve into the World's Largest LGBTQ+ Archives from the Comfort of Your Home

If you've read any in-depth books or watched a documentary chronicling the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer movements and leaders, it's likely the authors and filmmakers utilized ONE Archives at the USC Libraries for research, audio clips, video footage, images, or artwork. 

Dark-haired girl and woman sit on a couch with an older woman with bob-length salt and pepper hair looking up at a TV in the distance

How a Shared Love of Asian Dramas Brought Us Together

Photo by Samanta Helou

I have spent more than two decades living next door to my 80-year-old Cuban American neighbor, Aurora, and her mother, Abuelita.  But it was when I became a parent in 2010 that my relationship with Aurora started to deepen, and even more so in the last two years over an unexpected shared interest: our mutual love of Asian dramas. Sweet Abuelita, who is featured in the essay, passed away at the age of 102, just two days after this was published. We miss her so.

(Los Angeles Times illustration / photo by Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

7 Fun Things to do in the L.A. Gem That Is Barnsdall Art Park

“This is up here?” a friend recently said of the scene that greeted her upon ascending the steps to Barnsdall Art Park in East Hollywood. The 11.5-acre park may be tiny compared to the 4,210-acre Griffith Park about a mile north, but it is mighty in its offerings. With activities for everyone to enjoy, here are some of my favorites.

Tagumpay Mendoza de Leon: This Master Rondalla Musician is Preserving the Sounds of Philippine Culture in L.A.

This Master Rondalla Musician is Preserving the Sounds of Philippine Culture in L.A.

Tagumpay Mendoza De Leon is a master teacher and performer of rondalla, a traditional Spanish-influenced form of music from the Philippines. De Leon, a 2021 NEA National Heritage Fellow, has spent his decades-long career promoting and preserving Philippine culture through the tradition of rondalla.


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