about me

I write, collect, and edit stories.

The subject matter I have tackled over the years is widely diverse: prison life, domestic violence, urban archaeology, Filipino superstitions, overseas adoption, and much more. Along the way I have interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life: community activists to sports icons (sometimes they're both!), architects turned fashion designers (there are many), a female veteran who is now a U.S. Senator, people who build tiny homes to artists who are providing essential services to the unhoused, as well as doctors turned actors and a skateboarder and former A&R guy who are now media moguls.

I feel very fortunate to have also worked on some incredible books over the years, including many titles for TASCHEN and Design Studio Press. An author myself, I wrote a nonfiction book for teens, Women Warriors: Adventures from History’s Greatest Female Fighters (Seal Press), and I have also contributed to the anthologies Bare Your Soul: The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Enlightenment (Seal Press), Father Poems (Anvil), Mothers Before (Abrams), and Geography of Rage: Remembering the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 (Really Great Books). 

My past clients, collaborators, and employers have included Grand Park, DC Shoes, Kraft Canada, KCET, PBS SoCal, Rockabye Baby!, Seal Press, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Wiener Schiller Productions, VaynerMedia, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Friends of Griffith Park, and PEN USA.

Currently I freelance as a writer, book editor, and consultant and help run the creative collective Narrated Objects, which publishes books on unusual subjects, produces items of whimsy, and collaborates on events with local arts organizations.

You can see some of my recent work here. My writing archive goes back more than two decades. Someday I'll get it all uploaded and make it searchable! Feel free to contact me for help with your next project or just to say hello.

Thanks for the visit.